Finals Information


June 3rd; Friday night starting at 7pm the ropers have agreed to do both rounds of all roping events.

June 4th; Saturday we will start at 10am with our normal order of events (mutton busting will be Saturday only)

June 5th; Sunday we will start at 9am with barrels and follow with our normal order of events.

We will have a waterslide for the kids again this year; so bring your swim suite.

After the rodeo activities to be announced. We will do games of some sort… One of the normal favorites is donkey riding.


June 11th Fairgrounds in Thomasville Ga.

2057 Ga Highway 122, Thomasville, GA 31757

Awards will start at 2pm please bring your own chair

I will post a sign up for families to bring drinks and finger foods at the next rodeo. Last year we had so much food that did not get eaten. Please make sure you sign up. I am not concerned about providing a meal just snacks.

Why did we pick Thomasville? The fairgrounds gave us a discounted price for an enclosed facility. We looked at multiple other options that would hold the number of people we needed and the cost was $750 plus. We realize this is farther for some of our families to drive and closer for some. Ideally; we could have it here at the arena but we attempted this one year and it flooded. Thank you in advanced for understanding.

Sponsorship Letter 2022

Rules Regarding Finals

  1. 1.      Attendance Rule - In order to attend the finals, contestant must enter and compete in 62.5% of scheduled rodeos.  The attendance requirement is from September through the last rodeo in April.  The rodeos held in May will not count towards attendance but do count towards end of year points.

    Attendance Requirement From September – April there are 16 rodeos.  Contestants must attend 62.5% of the rodeos. This means you MUST attend 10 of the 16 rodeos to meet the attendance requirement for finals.

    Back to Back Events (those done only on Saturday) From September – April there are 8 Saturday Rodeos.  Contestants must attend 62.5% of the rodeos. This means you MUST attend 5 of the 8 rodeos to meet the attendance requirement for finals.
  1. 2.      Event Requirement: In order to attend the finals, contestants must meet the attendance requirement above and must compete in at least 50% of the event for the season. 
  1. 3.      End of Year Awards: You must have paid entries at the finals to receive awards.  In order to qualify for yearend awards contestant must have joined as a member, sold required raffle tickets, met the Attendance Requirement of 62.5% and Event Requirement of 50%.  All contestants who qualify are expected to compete at the finals. However; we do understand that unique circumstances during the month of May/June could prevent attendance.  We do not want anyone who qualifies for finals not to be eligible for awards.  If you do not compete you must have a valid reason and it must be approved in advance.
  1. 4.      Finalist/Qualifier: If a contestant qualifies for finals and does not have paid entries at the finals they will NOT be eligible for any awards; this includes the qualifier buckle and any other items given to finalist.  
  1. 5.      Finals Points.  Points are earned throughout the rodeo season are accumulated and carried through to the finals.  At the finals, contestants receive points as normal for first rodeo and then again at the second performance.  The times/scores for these two rodeos are averaged and the third rodeo is created.  The total points for the finals as well as total points throughout the season are totaled and awarded as such.

Tie Breaker

. In the event of a tie the contestant’s points going into the finals (April rodeo standings) will be used to determine the placings.         


  1. The following will be used to break ties if the criteria above results in a tie

                                                              i.      Average time from the finals

                                                            ii.      Total number of qualifying catches / clean runs for the year

                                                          iii.      Should all the above result in a tie we will have a tie breaker round

  1. 7.      Awards/Buckles/Saddles:  Awards are determined by number of contestants, and amount of money raised during the rodeo season.  All Finalist will receive a buckle based on their level of accomplishment.  IE, Champion and Reserve Champion do not get a finalist buckle as well. 
  1. 8.      Family contribution/sponsor.  If a contestant wins a Champion or Reserve Champion in an event and a saddle is not awarded.  The family can choose to purchase an awards saddle.  This saddle will not be paid for by the GFYR.

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