Must have jacket orders by Sunday afternoon so I can get them submitted.  Payments will be made at our next rodeo.  Payments can be broken into 3 payments if needed.  However; a check must be given for all payments at the next rodeo.  Do not send me the money via paypal or venmo.

Do not order unless you are going to pay for it.  

Please print and email...

Leather Jackets - New for this rodeo season

NOTE: Shades and styles might vary based on availability.
These jackets most likey will not be here for Christmas. I was told 8-10 weeks.

Shell Vest

This is the same material as the jacket. Price is front logo and name only. NO BACK LOGO
These should be here for Christmas

Shell Jacket

This includes back logo, front logo, name and events on chest.
These should be here for Christmas. There are a few sizes on back order. They might not be available for Christmas