We want to thank everyone again for being a member of the GFYR  We hope everyone rodeos for the love, experience and skills they gain during the rodeo season.  However; we do know that in the end it comes down to the awards for many families.  We pride ourselves for being the most economical rodeo association and the quality awards that we give out.  Yes; other associations might give more saddles but as parents you pay a lot more as members and have alot of additional requirements that they GFYR doesn't have.   If you have not had a chance to see the awards from last rodeo season take a look.

If a contestant is doing both Goat Ribbon Pull and Goat Tying, Mounted Dummy Roping and Team Roping the points are only counted in one event for the all around so one group of points will be deducted. 

Bulls and Broncs are double points.  The computer does not double them so they will be doubled at the end of year. If you have questions please ask...


Year to date as of May