Why do some contestants not have points?
Not all contestants are members and points are only earned by members.  If you child is a member and in the top 10 and does not have points reflected please send me a PM so I can take a look.

Why do the results look different from the rodeo? 
Reminder: Any event/division that has less than 4 entries is combined with the next division for points and awards.  

Bull results are posted below; however the points are not posted on this page.  Bulls have their own tracking sheet and tab on our website.  I have been able to turn off the points for bulls so they are not calcuated in to the all around standings. The total points from the excel spreed sheet will be added to each riders points for end of year awards.  If anyone has questions about this please see me at the next rodeo.

Dec 13th - Rodeo 10

Dec 12th - Rodeo 9

Nov 15th - Rodeo 8

Nov 14th - Rodeo 7

Nov 1st - Rodeo 6

Oct 31st - Rodeo 5

Oct 25th - Rodeo 4

Oct 24th - Rodeo 3

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Sep 13th - Rodeo 2

Sep 12th - Rodeo 1