2018 Rodeo Finals



10:30 am Group Photo – ALL CONTESTANTS MUST BE PRESENT (WILL TAKE ROLE CALL)   The group photos potentially will be used in the local newspapers

Rodeo starts as soon as photos are taken.  

5:00 pm – Queen Contest - We ask that everyone stay and encourage our members running for Queen and Princess.  It is our intention for the contestants to be able to enjoy their pizza while the speeches are being presented.

One on one Interview, Speech, Reining Pattern

5:45 pm Pizza Party / BBQ – If you will be attending we need to know how many will be attending from your family.   GFYR will provide for the pizza and drinks.  

            Homemade ice-cream…  If anyone has an ice-cream maker and would like to help make ice-cream for the pizza party please let me know.  (we will need a few machines to make enough for the kids).

6:30 pm or once Queen Contest is over -  Afternoon activities        

            Water slide – This will be set up on Friday and will be available for the kids to play on all weekend.  Please supervise your child as needed (safety).

            Assorted Games – Egg Toss, Boot Race, Egg Relay, Leap Frog.  Hula Hoop Contest

Donkey Riding – The older kids always seem to love this.  We will halter a few donkeys and let the kids ride them.  This is a ride at your own risk activity.

            Silly String Shaving Cream Fight – Please bring your own cans.  I would recommend swimming googles.  In the past I have requested that face is off limits, but it always seems to be the first target.  Please make sure all silly string and shaving cream is removed prior to getting on water slide.

            Flash light laser tag. (bring your own flash light).  The last event of the night.  We will turn off all lights and play tag in the arena.  Obstacles will set out a few hay bales etc… for the kids to hide behind.



8:30am – Cowboy Church
9:30am – Grand Entry

Awards will be held in the arena this year.  We are going to do this incase we start to run out of daylight hours.  Awards start time to be announced later.  We need time to confirm points and set up award.  If you would like to help please let me know. 

SEATING – There is no seating so please bring your own chairs or blanket.

We are expecting over 200 people to attend the awards presentation and anticipate it will take a while to present all the awards. 

We are asking families to donate refreshments – Drinks and snacks. 

We will be doing individual and group photos during and after the awards.  So, please plan on allotting extra time for photos. 

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  We will need help to ensure the awards area is cleaned up, all trash is removed, and help with breaking down and loading table that were used in the awards ceremony.