Oct. 31, 2019

Adult Rodeo oh what fun it is going to be! By request we are going to let family members ONLY ride the Jr Bulls (Must pre-register so we can plan ahead). We have also been asked to do Adult / Child ribbon roping and last but not least the Money Grab - We will secure a $20 bill between a maybe not so friendly steers horns and the winner is determined by who is able to get the money. This will be a $20 entry fee and winner gets half the pot. We will have sign up sheets posted for the events so please enter during the day. Rodeo will start appx 8pm. So, it will be a late night so please plan accordingly. BTW - The outlaw rider pickup can be adult / child combo. It would be a show in itself to see me trying to stand on a barrel much less mount a moving horse.

Oct. 14, 2019

GFYR Jacket Sales - We will only be taking orders at the November rodeo . Checks can be written and held until pickup at the December rodeo. However; all jackets must be paid for when ordered. This is because they are customized and we can not resale them if you change your mind. Jackets will be $70 this year for all sizes up to XL and $5 more for each size above that. The jackets make great Christmas gifts. We will have a few jackets available for display and trying on at Nov. Rodeo. Jackets can be ordered for both contestants and family members.

Oct. 14, 2019


Member Division Raffle Obligation
Melissa Dewitt Ginsie Dewitt Jr 125
Kathi & Josh McMillan Kylee McMillan Sr 175
Kathi & Josh McMillan Jacee McMillan Jr  
Frank Newcomb Dylan Newcomb Jr 125
Ronnie & Erika Davis Walker Davis Jr 175
Ronnie & Erika Davis P. J. Davis Jr  
Johnny Yawn Kaydence Yawn Jr 125
Kaylee Peaden & Sidney Barber Gus Barber PW 175
Kaylee Peaden & Sidney Barber Pecos Barber PW  
Cierra & Cody Leadford Brindle Ledford PW 175
Cierra & Cody Leadford Wacey Ledford PW 125
Jarrell & Holli Sapp Jhett Sapp Sr 125
Tina Cantey Ellie Cantey Jr 200
Tina Cantey Maddie Cantey PW  
Tina Cantey Rose Hagemann Jr  
William Coffey Makayla Coffey Sr 125
Robin Cumbus & Trey English Hunter English Sr 125
Jason Hill Eliza Hill HS 200
Jason Hill Emily Hill Sr  
Jason Hill Ella Hill Sr  
Jason Hill Eason Hill Jr  
Reka Holland William Ducoeur Sr 200
Reka Holland Gracie Hollard Sr  
Reka Holland Noah Hollard Jr  
Reka Holland Ryker Hickey PW  
Reka Holland Trinity Holland PW  
Rick Wallace Tayelen Seabrook HS 200
Rick Wallace Jay Robinson Jr  
Rick Wallace Leah Evans Jr  
Rick Wallace Brandon Eppes HS  
Rick Wallace Jahrain Jackson HS  
Warrick Birdwell Madison Bridwell HS 125
Jacinda & Dave Jesse Bridger Jesse HS 125
Betsy Giddens Emilee Giddens HS 125
Deb Briihl & David Wasieleski Katrina Wasieleski HS 125
Miles & Krista Watkins Buck Watkins HS 125
Garet Young Skylar Young Jr 125
Rita Posey Eli Pounds SN 175
Rita Posey Layne Posey Sr  
Latonya Daniels Jeremiah Thomas SN 125
Keith & Stephanie Brogden Rendi Brogden Sr 175
Keith & Stephanie Brogden Rawlins Brogden Jr  
Clint & Tiffany Bullard Hailey Bullard Sr 175
Clint & Tiffany Bullard Andi Bullard Jr  
Tim & Lori Handley Emily Handley Sr 175
Tim & Lori Handley Reed Handley PW  
Harold & Toni Hansard Chloe Hansard HS 175
Harold & Toni Hansard Hannah Hansard Sr  
Amber & William Keen Will Keen Sr 200
Amber & William Keen Regan Thrush Sr  
Amber & William Keen Skyelyne Turvey PW  
Magan & Robby Garren Mark Garren Jr 125
Cierra Williams Isabella Rigsby Jr 125
Megan Brown Bentley Brown Jr 125
Jennifer Arnold Ryver Arnold Jr 125
Michael & Mandy Weldon Wade Weldon PW 175
Michael & Mandy Weldon Averie Anderson Jr 0
Jessica & Jason Revell Parker Revell PW 125
Coleman & Jennifer Harrison Jack Harrison PW 125
Patrick & Charla Futrill Alyssa Futrill Sr 125
Gracie Cocke Audrey Douglas Sr 125
Heidi Waller Nadia Waller Sr 125
Rachael Bryant Mady Manspeaker Sr 125
Randy & Haley Logue Ryan Logue Sr 125
Tim & Kim Hummel Brookelyn Hummel Sr 125
John & Hannah Jarriel Malachi Jarriel Sr 125
Brian & Kim McGhee Bronc McGhee Sr 125
Dusty & Amanda Sheffield Daniel Todd Sheffield Sr 125
Holly and David Corona Sophia Corona Sr 125
Jim Stewart Will Stewart Sr 125
Mike & Stacie Hall Dannie Ann Hall HS 125
Lee & Lisa Ballard Melissa Ballard HS 125
Dana Hamlin Shay Hampton HS 125
Jason & Kristy Black Karsyn Black HS 200
  Jaxson Allen Jr  
Janice & Scot Dowdy Andrew Dowdy HS 125
Kayla Farmer Brentley Bates Jr 125
Wesley & Rachael Wishum Cobi Lane Wishum Jr 125
Mikela Winn Willow Winn-Gaines Jr 125
Jayne Exum Tallon Exum HS 125
Thomas Cooper Hanna Cooper Sr 125
Angela & Tony Quiroz Amberlee Quiroz Sr 125
Tomijo Douglas Dustin Douglas PW 125
Barry & Sara Johnson Ty Johnson HS 125
Tiffany Johnson Molly Johnson Jr 125
Brandi and Buck Johnson Aubri Johnson HS 200
Brandi and Buck Johnson Cody Johnson Sr  
Brandi and Buck Johnson Dakota Johnson Sr  
Brandi and Buck Johnson Eva Johnson Sr  
  Ponder Betts PW 125
Christy Tulis Lily Tullis Sr 125
Bonny VanBrackle Skyler VanBrackle Sr 125
Martha Loftbloom Sven Loftbloom Jr 175
Martha Loftbloom Dakota Porter SN  
Aug. 19, 2019

Need some Christmas Cash? Want to win $200? The contestant that sales the most raffle tickets will win $200 in cash when they drawing is held. RAFFLE TICKET SALES is a requirement for contestants to compete at finals. The requirement is $125 for individuals and $50 for each additional child; max $200 per family. We initially did not give out enough tickets for everyone to meet their requirement. This was due to us anticipating on running out of tickets and the need to order more. When I ordered the tickets we only had 60 kids call in and by the time the rodeo came we had over 90 entered. Not all 90 joined as members so we have more to distribute and can order more if needed.

Aug. 19, 2019

For the September rodeo contestants can wear a GFYR Tshirt for the weekend and compete in them.  This can be any GFYR tshirt.  This will be $10 per contestant or $30 max for families.  Arm bands will be given to those wearing tshirts. 

We do have some left over from the finals last rodeo season for $10 each and I can order more that will be ready for the upcomming rodeo $15 each.  Tshirts must be pre-paid.  Paypal