Sep. 2, 2021

First Rodeo

Friday night at 7:30pm early check in and open arena for the contestants to ride in.
Saturday Morning... Check in will start at 8am. I would like to start earlier but I don't see getting everyone ready (just keeping it real). Our goal is to have everyone checked in by 9:30am. Remember bulls and broncs you can check in later in the day if those are the only events you are doing. Group photo is at 10am please be in western wear for the group photo.
Membership will be paid in a separate location than entry fees please plan according. Membership fees can be paid with a check. Entry fees need to be paid in cash and small bills are appreciated. This helps with making change and payout.
Order of events have been posted on our website
Grand Entry will start right after group photos followed by PeeWee Barrels.
Reminder: Anytime a contestant is in the arena the MUST be in full western attire. Back numbers are required. Replacement back numbers will be $5 so please don't loose your back number.
We currently have 155 contestants entered. It is going to take a little while to get everyone checked in. Please plan accordingly. Thank you to everyone who mailed theirs in advance.