Jul. 31, 2021

Call In

Can you believe call in is just 3 days away. Make sure to set a reminder. Entries can be taken via PM to this page, Text message or call me 229-740-1420. We are going to have several new members this year and we are so excited! We have been making lots of changes/improvements and I think everyone is going to like them.
Our website has been updated with the new membership forms for this season. We are still tweaking the rulebook so it is not posted yet. http://www.gfyrodeo.com/429802261 Just a reminder membership fees will be paid at a different checkin point than the entry fees so bring separate funds.
Membership / liability forms can be mailed in early to help cut down at the check in line. Please make checks payable to GFYR. Mail NLT Aug 23rd to ensure arrival. Do NOT mail cash. Checks will not be deposited until after first rodeo. http://www.gfyrodeo.com/429802189
125 Roberts Rd
Quitman ,Ga. 31643