Oct. 31, 2019

Adult Rodeo

Adult Rodeo oh what fun it is going to be! By request we are going to let family members ONLY ride the Jr Bulls (Must pre-register so we can plan ahead). We have also been asked to do Adult / Child ribbon roping and last but not least the Money Grab - We will secure a $20 bill between a maybe not so friendly steers horns and the winner is determined by who is able to get the money. This will be a $20 entry fee and winner gets half the pot. We will have sign up sheets posted for the events so please enter during the day. Rodeo will start appx 8pm. So, it will be a late night so please plan accordingly. BTW - The outlaw rider pickup can be adult / child combo. It would be a show in itself to see me trying to stand on a barrel much less mount a moving horse.