Aug. 7, 2019

Just a quick update...

We had 90 contestants call in for the upcoming rodeo season.  Please read the entire post.
We have 15 High School breakaway ropers.  So, this year the boys and girls are going to be split into 2 different groups. They will not compete against each other for points/awards.  The programmer is helping me split these divisions and as soon as it is done the draw will be posted.
High School is leading the association with over 20 entries in the barrels and poles!  Events that have and maintain over 20 entries during the season will receive a Champion Saddle at the end of the rodeo season.  There are 17 HS goat tyers so grab your friends and bring them on out with you. HS - ages 13-19 must be in high school.
**Events with less than 4 entries will be combined to the next division for Points and Awards.**  Reminder we give end of year awards to TOP 5 in each event/division.
The following events have less than 4 entries...  Considering signing up your child for the following events. 
Jr Breakaway - 1
Sr Tie Down Calf Roping - 2 (both boys and girls can tie down)
Jr Chute Dogging - 3
Sr Chute Dogging -1
Jr Goat Tying - 3 (Contestants can Goat Ribbon Pull and Goat Tie; however points can only be awarded in one division.)
Jr Mounted Dummy Roping -  2
Sr Mounted Dummy Roping -  2 - If you team rope you are not eligible for Sr MDR.  Breakaway roping is okay.  Different loops are used for the roping dummy due to the horns.
We have been asked by a few families to open up HS Mounted Dummy Roping to beginner ropers.  We have 2 contestants so far signed up.  You must be a beginner roper to rope in this event. 
If you would like to add your child to any of these events please let me kw know.