DIVISIONS - Entry Fees $10
PeeWee ages 4 and under and special needs
Ribbons are awarded to all children in each event they ride in. Mutton Bustin children must be 50lbs or under.  

DIVISION - Entry Fee $5
Special needs does not have an age limit and will be treated like the ribbon class.  End of year participation awards will be awarded.  There will be no payout for this division during the year.

DIVISIONS - $15 Entry Fees
Jr ages 5 to 9
Sr ages 10 - 13
HS ages 14 - 18 

Age for division is determined by September 1st.  However; you can go up to the next division if desired.  However; you you division up you can not move back doown.

Exceptions: Bulls and Brons will be $40 for one ride.  This provides same amount of money added to the awards and payout is doubled for the winners.  

There is payout for each event.  Payout is determined by number of riders

Grounds Fee $20 per family

Permits are $10 per rider per rodeo / per contestant.
If you are not a member you can ride on a Permit. Permit riders must enter at call in.


PeeWee - Barrels, Poles, Goat Ribbon Pull, Dummy Roping and Mutton Bustin
Junior - Barrels, Poles, Goat Ribbon Pull, Goat Tying, Dummy Roping, Mounted Dummy Roping, Bulls, Breakaway, Tie Down, and Team Roping. If there is enough interest we will add mini bronc riding. and the flag race.
Senior - Barrels, Poles, Goat Tying, Mounted Dummy Roping, Bulls, Broncs - saddle and bareback (will start with steers), Breakaway, Tie Down, Team Roping, Chute Doggin. If there is enough interest we will add the flag race.
High School - Barrels - girls only, Poles - girls only, Goat Tying - girls only, Flank and Tie -Boys only,
High School - Boys and Girls - Breakaway , Tie Down, Team Roping, Steer Wrestling, Flag Race, Bulls, Broncs - saddle and bareback