Finals Agenda



These photos potentially will be used in the local newspapers

Rodeo starts as soon as photos are taken

5:00 pm – Queen Contest - We ask that everyone stay and encourage our members running for Queen and Princess.  It is our intention for the contestants to be able to enjoy their pizza while the speeches are being presented.

One on one Interview
Reining Pattern

5:45 pm Pizza Party – If you will be attending we need to know how many will be attending from your family. 
GFYR will provide for the pizza and drinks.

6:30pm or once Queen Contest is over -  Afternoon activities

Horseback games some will be group games and others will require sign up.

Musical Feedbags – please bring an empty feed bag
Toliet paper carry
Ribbon Ribbon
Rider Pick up
Partner Drag – Advanced riders – Dally and drag your partner
Free time donkey riding
Dance Party
Movie Night – Outdoor movie and popcorn


We will meet at Terra Chula 1 hour after the rodeo concludes on Sunday.  We do ask that families carpool together so that not everyone has to unhook to go down the road.   Please wait at least 30 mins after the rodeo prior to going over to allow for the awards committee to finish set up.  If you look at the awards please do not pick them up or move them.

We will have parking signs so you will know where to park.  If you need assistance with getting from the car to the awards area please let me know inadvance.  The ground is not level and we don’t want anyone falling. 

SEATING – There is no seating so please bring your own chairs or blanket.

We are expecting over 200 people to attend the awards presentation and anticipate it will take a while to present all the awards.  We are asking families to donate refreshments – Drinks and snacks.

We will be doing individual and group photos during and after the awards.  So, please plan on allotting extra time for photos.  Terra Chula is very beautiful and it is a great place to take some family photos if you would like to while we are there.

There are restroom facilities there.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  We will need help to ensure the awards area is cleaned up, all trash is removed, and help with breaking down and loading table that were used in the awards ceremony.

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